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I came to Dr. Van Wagenen with a whole slew of problems. Having previously been in 5 car accidents, spraining my lower spine once, and having a 'mystery' ailment to both of my feet I was a mess. I had chronic headaches/migraines, back pain, and I was barely able to walk 50 feet. The problem in my feet prevents me from bearing any weight on the balls of each foot. I have had MRIs, bone scans, bloodwork, and x-rays. Every test was inconclusive and I went on and off of 3 different prescription medications for nerve pain (which only caused me more pain). In total, 5 other doctors tried to help my feet, but they had no clue what to do. All of those doctors gave up on me and left me to fend for myself, unable to walk further than very short distances or stand for more than 15 minutes for 2 and 1/2 years.

In addition I suffered from depression, anxiety, and lethargy. I had no energy to do things and no 'zest for life'. Part of me had given up on healing just as much as all of the doctors I had seen before. I had lost hope and I was in pain every day, all day.

After my first few visits with Dr. Van Wagenen, I will be honest, things seemed worse than ever as he diagnosed me with food sensitivities on top of all my painful problems. This meant changing my life completely. I was distraught and depressed and thought there was no way I was going to be able to do what he asked of me, but I went through with everything I was told to do, even though it was hard, and things started to look up for me. I changed my diet as recommended and started to see things turn around rather quickly. In addition Dr. Van Wagenen gave me targeted supplements to help my body heal and function properly again. My inflammation went down, my pain reduced, my headaches became less frequent, I had more energy, and I started to be able to use a little more of my feet's surface area (allowing more walking with less pain).

I also started on my road to recovery from adrenal fatigue, which I previously did not even know I had. It is amazing how well Dr. Van Wagenen can expose problems and heal them. Understanding the "how and why" of everything that had stopped functioning properly gave me the knowledge to make positive changes. Sure enough, when I changed things, I felt better. I feel so empowered now because I can have a direct impact on my own health rather than depending on some prescription to save me (and then find that they never will).

With every visit I continue to feel better and better. The combination of diet, supplementation, adjustment, and even mental care has been the whole body approach I was sorely missing with every other doctor I saw (including other chiropractors. I have spent a total of $10,000 with other chiropractors and never got this wonderful result).

While I am still undergoing care and working on the biggest troubles, I can say that I have not felt this happy, healthy, and energetic in YEARS. I can now walk up to about a mile and stand for several hours on my feet! With continued guidance and care from Dr. Van Wagenen, I am fully confident that I can make a total recovery.

If you need healing, true healing, then Dr. Van Wagenen is the doctor to see.

Chiropractor Roseville CA
Natasha R.

I came to Dr VanWagenen with a bad lower back, extreme anxiety, tingling and numbness in my extremeties that would go on 24/7, beginnings of plantar fasciitis, keeping at attention issues and finally an extremely bad neck due to a severe pinched nerve. After adjustments, suggestions on diet and vitamins/Supplements along with other little suggestions on life's everyday habits, my life has changed drastically in a VERY positive way!I no longer have back and neck issues which alone right there is a massive game changer in my life. Due to diet change and supplements, my anxiety is nearly non existent (have been able to get off of my anxiety medication, which he also helped with alleviating my withdrawals while doing so), My Plantar Fasciitis never turned full blown and actually reversed to the point that I can run better than ever.I now feel like a healthy human being. I don't feel as though I am constantly worrying about my health, which is something that I never thought possible.

Roseville Chiropractor
Tommy A.

A total skeptic--that's how I started out. When I first visited Dr VanWagenen I told him I would not be easy to win over. I was only there out of desperation. Once before in my life I went to a chiropractor and my negative perceptions of chiropractic were only deepened. But Dr. VanWagenen was a completely different experience. I was dealing with a back injury that had me lying on the floor in my home for well over a week, and after several weeks it was not getting better. So based on a couple of strong referals I figured I'd give him a try. His approach to diagnosis was bizarre to me but I could see he was really getting at the underlying problem. More importantly, in spite of my strong skepticism about the whole process, I could personally feel the difference in my body's reaction as he methodically tested different things. He even discovered things I had not shared with him. Once diagnosed he treated me in a very targeted way. The results were amazing. My back is better.

Chiropractors Roseville
Chiropractic Skeptic

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I have been suffering from pain coming from my neck and protruding down my back for several years, Stiff neck, pinched nerves, dislocated ribs; the problems just seemed to be too many to solve. They would have been too many to solve for most doctors. Fortunately, Dr. Van Wagenen is not "most doctors", thank God! I have been a patient at Roseville Auto Accident Injury Chiropractic for six weeks and the results have already changed my life in a wonderfully positive way. Dr. Van Wagenen addresses his patient's with the only way that truly does solve any and every health related problem that affects them. This solution is; beginning a personalized journey to improve your overall well being. My journey here has just begun, but in six short weeks, Dr. Van Wagenen has helped to rid my body of most of the pain that kept me from peace and happiness for years. His muscle testing technique automatically pin pointed the exact issues that were causing pain and weakness in my body.

Chiropractors Roseville
Chiropractic Patient

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